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Le Royal Hall

Le Royal Hall is one of the largest halls in the hotel, accommodating between 300 to 700 guests. The hall reflects luxury and elegance suitable for all celebrations. It stands out with its elegant design and spaciousness to accommodate all guests.

The hall features exceptional and enchanting decorations, as the hotel boasts a distinguished team of specialists in coordinating decorations. We offer many unique and creative ideas to add a unique and charming touch, understanding the desires of the bride and groom and working to fulfill them. We strive to meet all the needs of the couple to provide an atmosphere filled with romance and magic.

The hall is equipped with various amenities, including:

  • Steel chairs in different colors
  • Steel tables
  • Smoke show
  • Laser show
  • Fire show
  • Fixed display screens
  • DJ and sound system

Full decoration

When booking Le Royal Hall, a range of premium services will be provided for all guests, including (Centerpieces, Dance Floor, Kosha, Ceiling Entrance). Additionally, the package includes a complimentary 3-tier cake (one real tier and two fake tiers), photography, and videography services within the hall, video shooting with two HD cameras, mixer, and crane.

A honeymoon suite with breakfast and dinner, a groom's dressing room, and an additional fee for each guest exceeding 300 (chairs and tables) plus the selected buffet price.

Buffet prices

start from 500 to 780 per person,

set menus

while set menus range from 350 to 900 per person.

Le Royal Hall has been chosen by numerous celebrities, making it one of the most desired venues for many brides to host their weddings. The hall provides a wide range of options for a luxurious and non-traditional wedding. Book now.